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City on a Hill Coffee & Espresso is a small roasting company committed to exceptional quality and personal relationships. We provide coffee to our shop in Leadville, and to a variety of shops in the surrounding region. Our coffees are roasted in small batches on a Deidrich IR-12. Situated in the Rockies at 10,152 ft, we are the highest elevation coffee business in the country. Roasting at high altitudes produces a rich, smooth cup profile without a bitter aftertaste.









We care about coffee, and we care about people.

Our coffees are carefully selected to ensure every customer receives
a quality product that is socially and environmentally responsible.

We offer:
• Organic, Fair Trade & Direct Trade Coffees
• Customized roasting & blending
• Hands-on training & education programs
• Custom labeling & branding options
• High return fundraising programs
• Meticulous attention to quality & consistency
• Years of retail & roasting experience


Wholesale Coffee Inquiries

Please email or call (605) 323-9142. We look forward to working with you!